Unibet Poker Club

How does it work?
While you play real money poker, Unibet Poker give you VIP points – and your bonus depends on how many you earn each week, from Monday to Sunday.

You’ll get your bonus for the previous week automatically every Monday, but if you really can’t wait, if you’re Gold tier or above, you can change your VIP points for cash at any time!  Just press the ‘Poker Club’ button in the poker software and follow the steps.

See below for the list of tiers and their benefits:

Tier Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Unibet Plus
Points needed per week 0 250 500 2000 5000
Total loyalty value 5% 10%** 20% 30% 30% + Live Tournament Fund ***
Redeemable for cash 0% 0% 17% 30% 30%
Grace period 0 0 0 3 weeks 3 weeks

UNIBET PLUS: For every 100 euros you rake, you get 10 euros in your Live Tournament Fund – rake 5000 euros in the calendar month and this doubles up to 20 euros!  You can spend your balance on any tournament with a buy in of €1000 or more.  To spend your balance, just contact your VIP manager or customer service.

SILVER TIER: you get double your points earned in the week to spend in the Shop or on selected tournaments so if you earn 250 points, you get another 250!

How do I earn VIP points?
For every US dollar you generate in rake or tournament fees, you earn 10 VIP points.

What can I spend my VIP points on?
VIP points can be spent on buy-ins to most tournaments. You can also use them in the Unibet Shop – available within the software by clicking the ‘Shop’ button!

Every VIP point spent on tournaments and in the shop is worth 0.005 USD (half a USD cent).

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