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On Purse, when you name your own discount, it is fulfilled by Earners- individuals who wish to exchange their Amazon gift cards for your cryptocurrency. As a shopper, you can reach for deeper discounts by trading delivery speed for savings. You can commonly get up to 15% off any given purchase at Amazon. You basically set your own limit.

Purse.io is an online marketplace that launched their business in 2016. The Bitcoin based marketplace wanted to allow vendors to easily connect with a wide range of buyers. There are no restrictions as to what can go on sale on Purse and as such allows for a number of different items to be listed. Purse also makes sure to carefully curate all the listings. Purse will charge the vendors a 1% fee for all the sales.
Why Are We Promoting Purse
Many poker sites now pay out in Bitcoin to users and affiliates alike. When I first used Purse, nearly 6 years ago, I simply wanted to find a legal way to spend my affiliate earned Bitcoin somewhere tangible. I’ve always found the staff to be very helpful and have had very little problems using the platform, so I can only personally give it a very high recommendation. If you want an easy way of spending your Bitcoin by buying Amazon goods, delivered straight to your door, then Purse really is an excellent option.

Also important to remember is that you never pay for your goods until you have them in your hand which certainly makes the whole process feel much more secure.

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