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Current Signup Code – MLPSPECIAL
Use the exclusive bonus code “MLPSPECIAL” through the banner below and receive a first deposit bonus of 75% matched up to $250. This has a lower min deposit and is easier to clear than the standard PKR bonus offers. The bonus is available with a minimum deposit of $50 and has 90 days to clear. More detailed information on this offer can be found below.

PKR Poker

Software – very good
This is a big step in software from all the previous 3D environment poker rooms. The amount of customizable functions at is without competition and you will spend hours playing with your character adapting his/her hair, style and clothing. The poker room environments are incredibly detailed and it should be noted that this site will tax your computer resources so beware when trying to play multiple games.

Playability – very good
Life at the tables can feel quite intimidating at first glance due to the array of buttons, actions, sounds and camera angles. Actually the learning curve is fairly fast and it shouldn’t take you long to feel comfortable with what is going on. Game play tends to be a bit slower than the average poker site so there is plenty of time to study all the options available. The lobby is excellent with a very well thought out design and feel.

Traffic – good
Considering PKR is still a relatively new site that does not allow US players, the traffic is surprisingly good. They currently have a very strong market presence so expect the numbers to continue to grow steadily.

Support – good has a reasonable response time and of good quality. Most major deposit and withdrawal methods are supported and cash out speed is generally good.

Summary – very good
First the good stuff : is one of the most unique and innovative poker rooms available on the net right now. From player customization to it’s array of tournament and ring game enviroments, this is a place to come and marvel at just how far technology can go in the online poker world. If you have ever played higher end Xbox or Playstation games you will have an idea of what you are in for. This site is worth checking out for this alone and you will find plenty of action at the “play money” tables at most hours. There are constant promotions and offers which should ensure a solid growth in the future.

The downside : will not be for everyone. The wealth of options in the game play results in you seeing far less hands per hour than the majority of standard sites. Some of the features can be a little annoying but fortunately you can mute chat and simplify what you see. The lack of constant traffic also means it will be difficult to build a bankroll here so this may have limited appeal to the more hardened poker player.

With all this in mind, i would recommend that everyone try this site as it really is a unique experience and a major leap from previous 3D environment poker sites. For the casual gamer, this will probably become one of your favourite ports of call but for the real money players, perhaps just some occasion fun.

Selected PKR Poker Room Enviroments

Extra Information :
Exclusive Alternate Poker Bonus Offer – Information

1) The bonus is only open to new PKR customers on their first deposit of $50 or more.
2) A maximum of $250 will be paid out in bonuses.
3) You must use the bonus code when depositing.
4) Only one bonus per household.
5) To qualify for the bonus, you must accumulate 200 PKR Points for each $1 of bonus before the bonus is
credited to your account. Only PKR Points accumulated through participation in raked hands and real money
tournaments will count towards clearing the bonus. Any PKR points earned through PKR Point tournaments,
ring games or grants or gifts do not qualify for releasing the bonus.
6) You must earn the required PKR Points within 90 days of making your qualifying deposit.
7) When you reach the required number of PKR Points, the bonus will automatically be credited to your PKR
8) Partial bonuses will not be awarded.

You get 100 PKR points for every $1 you spend in entry fees. This applies to your entry fee only and not to re-buys. Points are awarded on raked hands played on real money tables. They are calculated against the amount that you’ve put into the pot divided between the other players at the table. That means the bigger the pot, the more PKR points everyone gets. Your points are also based on the amount that you put into the pot, so the more you contribute yourself, the more PKR Points you’ll earn in the hand.

Example Hand 1
In a 4 handed cash game with a $50 pot raked at $2.50 a player who bet a total of $9 would receive 45 points (reflecting the 18% of the pot they contributed).

Example Hand 2
In a six handed game where the rake has been capped at PKR’s maximum rake limit and a player has contributed $30 to a pot that reaches a total of $101.50 the total points awarded would be 89 (or 29.5% of the pot).

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