Bodog Poker – Bad Beat Bonus

Bad Beat – Ongoing (Non-US)

You can win a Bad Beat Bonus at Bodog Poker for having aces full of kings (AAAKK) or better beaten by four of a kind or better, depending on these rules:

1.Only real money Texas Holdem cash games are eligible (not tournaments).
2.Both pocket cards must be used by both the losing and winning hand.
3.Three or more players must be dealt into the hand.
4.Both the winning and losing hand must go to showdown.
5.All hands must be played independently. If you reveal your hand or instruct others on how to act, you won’t be eligible.
6.You must submit your hand number within 48hrs of playing it.

What you Win
1.The Bad Beat Bonus is only awarded to the player holding the losing hand.
2.Winners get 100 X the big blind of the table at which the Bad Beat was dealt.
3.The maximum bonus is $1,000,
4.There is no rollover for this bonus.

To claim your Bad Beat Bonus, email or call 1-866-909-2237 as soon as you can to provide your hand details. You will need to provide the hand number and table name. Your hand number must be submitted within 48hrs of playing it.

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