Americas Cardroom hates bots as much as you do

Do you hate bots? Then you’re in luck because Americas Cardroom feels exactly the same way. They don’t like seeing bots at their tables. They don’t like when players lose money to bots. And they don’t like the fallout when that happens.

That’s why the people behind the site employ some of the most stringent bot-defense strategies, tackling bots head on. Here’s what they’ve done so far.

• Implemented a bot-detection strategy
• Added some mouse detection technology
• Implemented captchas to make sure players are real

Yes, lots of online poker sites do the same. But ACR also implements super-advanced technology to tackle bots head on and make it virtually impossible for bots to access the ACR poker data that they need to function at the tables.

It’s a very complex system, so rather than put you to sleep, you can read it on your own time here.

Americas Cardroom’s strategy is paying off. The world’s biggest bot software providers, including, and, have informed their players that their bots no longer function properly at ACR. Basically, they’re telling their users not to bother.

Impressed? It gets better. If a bot does manage to get through, ACR’s transparent and verifiable banned account policy steps in to save the day. In a nutshell, if a bot gets banned, ACR publishes all the details on their website and pays any affected players back the money they’re owed.

This great news comes just in time for the next $7 Million Venom, which hits the schedule on July 24th. You can lock down your $2,650 seat right now from as low as $0.25 through new Cyclones Blitz Poker satellites.

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