Red Star Poker – Bad Beat Jackpot

Red Star Poker Bad Beat Jackpot allows players sitting at any €0.10/€0.20 or higher Texas Hold’em tables to win big prizes! Simply opt in, and you’ll be in with a chance to take home the money when the jackpot is triggered!

How It Works
To take part in the Bad Beat Jackpot, simply ‘opt in’ by clicking the bad beat ticker at the bottom right of any qualifying table. Once you have opted in, you will contribute 2 cent per hand towards the jackpot. As long as you are opted in and contributing, you’ll be eligible to win the jackpot if it hits. The jackpot is triggered when a player’s hand, which can be any four of a kind or better, is beaten by a better hand. The jackpot hits even if the players involved in the Bad Beat aren’t opted in themselves. You don’t even have to be involved in the hand to win a prize! If the jackpot is triggered, everybody playing at the same stakes will win cash. It has never been easier to win a jackpot in poker!

You can opt in and out of the jackpot at any time, but if you opt out you won’t be eligible to win a prize. The jackpot has no administration fee, so every single cent that is contributed to the jackpot goes back into the pockets of players.

The Rules
• Triggering the Jackpot
• The losing hand must contain four of a kind 2s or better.
• Both the winning and losing hands must use both hole cards in combination with three board cards.
• The hand must go to a showdown.
• There is no minimum number of players required for the jackpot to trigger. Contributions
• The value of the jackpot contribution is €0.02 (two cents).
• The jackpot contribution is taken from your balance at the start of the hand, immediately after the blinds and antes are posted.
• Jackpot contributions continue to accumulate until the jackpot is won.

Allocation of Prizes
• 80% of the current jackpot is distributed as follows:
• 40% is awarded to the losing hand (the bad beat winner)
• 20% is awarded to the winning hand
• 10% is awarded to the other players at the table where the jackpot was triggered
• 10% is awarded to players playing at the same stakes
• 20% is used to ‘seed’ the next Bad Beat Jackpot.

• You must be opted-in to receive any jackpot prize.
• If you are sitting out when the jackpot is triggered you are not eligible for a prize.
• If you have not contributed to the jackpot (for example, if your balance at the table is not sufficient to take the €0.02 contribution) then you are not eligible for a prize.
• If the player with the losing hand (the bad beat winner) or the player with the winning hand is not opted in to the jackpot, then the jackpot will still hit but their share(s) will be added to the seed for the next jackpot. Other prizes will still be paid to opted-in players.
• All prizes will be rounded down to the nearest cent, with any amount left over due to rounding going towards the seed for the next jackpot.
• If more than two hands qualify for the bad beat, then the two highest hands count as the ‘losing’ and ‘winning’ hands. • In the event that two qualifying jackpot hands occur at the same time, the hand which is completed first is awarded the Bad Beat Jackpot.

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Americas Cardroom – Sit & Crush Progressive Points Race

Sit & Crush is a new tournament points race that rewards players with cash and tournament prizes just for playing Sit & Go and On Demand tournaments.

The new points race is similar to The Beast, Americas Cardroom’s leaderboard competition for cash game players that pays out six-figure prize pools every month. With The Beast, anyone who sits down at a cash table marked Jackpot automatically becomes part of The Beast competition by earning points through participation in a raked hand. Since launching The Beast, the online poker site has paid out over $2.3 million in cash and tournament prize pools.

Sit & Crush, designed exclusively for Sit & Go and On Demand tournament players, uses the tournament fee to feed the jackpot. For example, in a $10+1 Sit & Go or On-Demand tournament, $0.75 of the $1 fee will go to the house and $0.25 will go to the jackpot. Players earn points by participating, and at the end of each month Americas Cardroom will award players who rank on the leaderboard with cash and tournament seats. While The Beast is a twice-monthly points race, Sit & Crush is a monthly points race to start.

Sit & Crush will go live on December 1st at the US-friendly online poker site. More information can be found at Americas Cardroom.

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Titan Poker – Rakemania

Playing poker at cash tables became a lot more profitable when Titan Poker introduced its Rakemania promotion. Rakemania awards top-ranking players on weekly leaderboard races based on the amount of rake they generate at the cash tables. With $16,000 in prizes on offer every month, and with the advent of Speed Hold’em tables enabling faster cash game play than ever before.

What is Rakemania?
The more rake a player earns, the higher his ranking on the Rakemania leaderboards. The actual ranking is listed by Stars, so that players don’t see their achievements displayed publicly. Rakemania races take place at both low stakes and high stakes tables suiting lpayers with all sizes of bankroll.

The leaderboards and the ranking system are:
• Low Blinds – tables with blinds of $0.10/$0.20 up to $0.50/$1 ($2 rake = 1 Star).
• High Blinds – tables with blinds of $1/$2 and up ($10 rake = 1 Star).

Rakemania Races Are Fast, Prizes Are High
$16,000 in prizes is up for grabs each month with the prizes awarded on a weekly basis. Each week, $3,000 is awarded to the top ranked players on the High Blinds leaderboard, and $1,000 in prizes goes to the top players on the Low Blinds leaderboard. Races are staged every Monday through Saturday.

Top prizes in the races are:
• Low Blinds = first prize is $255, top 40 get paid.
• High Blinds = first prize is $765, top 40 get paid.

In order to participate in the Rakemania promotion, players must “opt-in” on the Titan Poker website. One opt-in guarantees a player’s participation in all the Rakemania races taking place over the course of that month.

Rakemania Races Just Got Faster
When sitting down at Speed Hold’em tables, players join a large player pool and face a new set of opponents with each hand. Players can fold at any time, even when it’s not their turn to act, and are instantly moved to a new table to be dealt new cards. The faster play at Speed Hold’em tables enables players to earn more rake and quickly move up the Rakemania leaderboards.


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Ladbrokes Poker – 5K Omaha Rake Race

Rake Race with the same bonus points system used for the Nordic Rake Race.
Dates: 1st of July and ending on 31st of July.

All gameplay on Omaha will be counted towards this and it’s is not territorial. It will be opt-in and only gameplay on Omaha up to and including 2/4 will be eligible for this promotion. And this is not all – each weekend Ladbrokes Poker give players a chance to boost their leaderboard position courtesy of the race points multiplier. See table:

7th – 8th July x1.5 your race points
14th – 15th July x2.5 your race points
21st – 22nd July x2.0 your race points
28th – 29th July x3.0 your race points

Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 – 20
€ Prize 1000 750 550 400 400 300 300 200 200 150 150 100 100 75 75 50

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Note : Get more information at Ladbrokes Poker. We advise you to check the homepage in case of any changes to this game or promotion

Americas Cardroom – The Beast

• You’ve got a new chance to race to the top every week for cash prizes and tourney seats
• Each weekly race runs from Saturday at 00:00 until the following Friday at 23:59
• Get paid your cash prize by end-of-day every Monday
• Play your tournament the Sunday following the cash prize payout

The Beast is easy to play. Your goal is simple. Play poker. Yes, you’re playing to win, but The Beast doesn’t care how you do. It cares how many points you earn by playing. And points are calculated based on stake levels, not based on whether you win or lose.

As you play poker, you’ll rank on a leaderboard for both cash and tournament seats. Each weekly competition runs from Saturday at 00:00 to the following Friday at 23:59 ET.

Want to be a part of it? Here’s how it works:
1, Sit down at any Jackpot table. To find one, just look for tables marked with “JP” in brackets (Hold’em tables) or “Beast” in brackets (Omaha tables).
2, Where 4 players are dealt into a pot and a jackpot fee is taken, you will earn points for every hand where you have contributed to the pot.
3, Track your play within the Leaderboard in the poker client by clicking on the Rewards tab under “Points Race”.
You can win hundreds of thousands in cold hard cash and tournament entries.
4, Once you play at one of The Beast qualifying tables, you’ll automatically be ranked on our leaderboard. To find one, just look for tables marked with “JP” in brackets (Hold’em tables) or “Beast” in brackets (Omaha tables).

That’s it. At the end of the weekly period, you’ll be awarded cash and prizes based on leaderboard finish. And with tons of tables feeding The Beast, the jackpot grows every minute of every day.

You can view your progress rankings through the Americas Cardroom software. From the poker client, click on Leaderboard in the lobby. There you can see your current place on the leaderboard, the amount of points you’ve earned and if you are winning a tournament entry. You’ll also get all the details about the tournament such as tournament start date and guaranteed prize pool.

The rankings are updated frequently, so be sure to check back often.

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Americas Cardroom – $100,000 Points Race

The $100k Points Race
Just keep playing poker through February as Americas Cardroom are handing out $100k in free cash in a $60k month-long marathon and four weekly sprints worth another $40k.

The $60k Marathon
The race for big money starts with our big $60k monthly Points Race. As you play, you’ll collect points toward our leader board. The more points you collect, the higher you’ll climb up our leaderboard. At the end of the month, Americas Cardroom will freeze the leaderboard and award players with cash based on their rank.

There’s 275 big monthly winners. First place gets $8,000.

The $40k Sprint
Each weekend in February, from Friday through Sunday, Americas Cardroom are holding a $10k Points Race. It works just like our $60k marathon, but only points earned in Ring Games count toward the special $40k Sprint leaderboard.

Each week, they’ll be 125 weekly winners. First place each week gets $2,000.

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