Paradise Poker – Bad Beat Jackpot

The amount of money in the Paradise Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is dependent on:
• These are the contributions from each round at participating jackpot tables.
• The Bad Beat Jackpot grows and grows until somebody’s bad beat triggers it.
• After a round of poker at a jackpot table is complete and the rake has been deducted from the pot, the contribution to the Bad Beat Jackpot is then deducted from the remaining pot.
• At the end of the poker round, the amount contributed to the jackpot is displayed on the table in the currency used at that table.

The round of poker that triggers the ParadisePoker Bad Beat Jackpot:
• Must have been played at a Texas Hold’em table that was pre-designated as a “jackpot table”.
• Must have included the minimum number (4) of participating players.
• Must have had a final pot from which both rake and jackpot contributions were deducted.
• Must have been played to the showdown.
• Must have had a highest-ranking hand and a next highest-ranking hand that included both hole cards.
• Must have had a bad beat hand of four of a kind 10s or better.

When the Jackpot is triggered, the total amount currently in the jackpot is distributed as follows:
• 70% of the amount is distributed to the players who were dealt into the round.
• 20% of the amount is used to seed the next jackpot.
• 10% goes to the House as an administrative fee.

Of the amount that is distributed to players who partici¬pated in the round:
• 50% is paid to the player who held the bad beat hand (the next highest-ranking hand).
• 25% is paid to the player who held the winning hand (the highest-ranking hand).
• 25% is shared by all players who were dealt into the round. This includes players who went sit-out or left the table during the round.

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