Titan Poker – iPOPS Micro Series

Join the week-long series of fast-paced, micro-sized buy-in tournaments guaranteeing over €100,000 in prizes. iPOPS Micro Series Main Events run from September 15th to 21st, and buy-ins start from just €0.20! Satellites for the iPOPS Micro tournaments begin September 8th.

Additionally, you could win free entry to the €20,000 Main Event on September 21st by finishing as one of the top 100 players in the iPOPS Micro Series Mega Satellite tournament on September 20th. Buy-in for only €3!

€5,000 iPOPS Micro Series Depositors Freeroll
Make a deposit between September 5th – 12th and you’ll be eligible for the €5,000 iPOPS Micro Depositors Freeroll on Sunday, September 14th at 18:30 (GMT+1).

Up for grabs? A €50 token package to the iPOPS Micro tournaments will be awarded to the top 100 players: 1 x €20 token; 1 x €10 token; 2 x €5 tokens; 2 x €3 tokens; 4 x €1 tokens.

iPOPS Micro Series Main Events

Date Time (GMT+1) Tournament Name Guaranteed Prize Buy-in
Monday 19:00 iPOPS-1M €5,000 GTD Turbo €5,000 €5 Freezeout
Monday 19:30 iPOPS-2M €1,000 GTD €1,000 €1 Freezeout (Multi-entry x2)
Monday 20:00 iPOPS-3M €1,000 GTD Speed €1,000 €0.50 Rebuy (Multi-entry x2)
Tuesday 19:00 iPOPS-4M €10,000 GTD Turbo €10,000 €10 Rebuy (Multi-entry x2)
Tuesday 19:30 iPOPS-5M €500 GTD Super Turbo €500 €0.20 Rebuy (Multi-entry x2)
Tuesday 20:00 iPOPS-6M €5,000 GTD Speed €5,000 €3 Rebuy
Wednesday 19:00 iPOPS-7M €3,000 GTD Super Turbo €3,000 €3 Rebuy
Wednesday 19:30 iPOPS-8M €5,000 GTD €5,000 €1 Rebuy (Multi-entry x2)
Wednesday 20:00 iPOPS-9M €1,000 GTD Speed €1,000 €1 Freezeout (Multi-entry x2)
Thursday 19:00 iPOPS-10M €3,000 GTD €3,000 €3 Freezeout
Thursday 19:30 iPOPS-11M €2,000 GTD €2,000 €1 Freezeout (Multi-entry x4)
Thursday 20:00 iPOPS-12M €1,000 GTD Speed €1,000 €0.50 Rebuy
Friday 19:00 iPOPS-13M €15,000 GTD Top Gear €15,000 €10 Rebuy (Multi-entry x2)
Friday 19:30 iPOPS-14M €3,000 GTD €3,000 €1 Rebuy (Multi-entry x4)
Friday 20:00 iPOPS-15M €5,000 GTD Speed €5,000 €5 Rebuy
Saturday 19:00 iPOPS-16M €5,000 GTD Top Gear €5,000 €5 Freezeout (Multi-entry x2)
Saturday 19:30 iPOPS-17M €1,000 GTD €1,000 €0.50 Rebuy
Saturday 20:00 iPOPS-18M €1,000 GTD Speed €1,000 €2 Freezeout
Sunday 19:00 iPOPS-M Main Event €20K GTD €20,000 €20 Freezeout
Sunday 19:30 iPOPS-20M €5,000 GTD Top Gear €5,000 €2 Rebuy (Multi-entry x4)
Sunday 20:00 iPOPS-21M €10,000 GTD Speed €10,000 €5 Rebuy


iPOPS Micro Series Mega Satellite

Date Time (GMT+1) Tournament Name Buy-in Prize
September 9th 19:30 iPOPS-M Main Event MEGA €3 Freezeout 100 x €20 Main Event tokens

For a full list of iPOPS events and satellites, click on the ‘iPOPS Micro’ tab in the software.

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Titan Poker – Twister Sit ‘No Gos

Players Can Win up to 1,000x Buy-in with New Twister Sit ‘No Gos
There’s a new type of tournament whirling around the Titan Poker software, spinning an exciting connection between sit ‘n’ go action and the thrilling wind of winning a jackpot prize. Twister Sit ‘N’ Gos are three-seated turbo winner-take-all events, in which a randomly selected prize is awarded which could be worth up to 1,000 times the buy-in amount.

Play a $1 Twister sit ‘n’ go and you could win a $1,000 jackpot prize. Play a $10 Twister sit ‘n’ go, and you could win a $10,000 prize. It’s as simple as that.

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Titan Poker – Rakemania

Playing poker at cash tables became a lot more profitable when Titan Poker introduced its Rakemania promotion. Rakemania awards top-ranking players on weekly leaderboard races based on the amount of rake they generate at the cash tables. With $16,000 in prizes on offer every month, and with the advent of Speed Hold’em tables enabling faster cash game play than ever before.

What is Rakemania?
The more rake a player earns, the higher his ranking on the Rakemania leaderboards. The actual ranking is listed by Stars, so that players don’t see their achievements displayed publicly. Rakemania races take place at both low stakes and high stakes tables suiting lpayers with all sizes of bankroll.

The leaderboards and the ranking system are:
• Low Blinds – tables with blinds of $0.10/$0.20 up to $0.50/$1 ($2 rake = 1 Star).
• High Blinds – tables with blinds of $1/$2 and up ($10 rake = 1 Star).

Rakemania Races Are Fast, Prizes Are High
$16,000 in prizes is up for grabs each month with the prizes awarded on a weekly basis. Each week, $3,000 is awarded to the top ranked players on the High Blinds leaderboard, and $1,000 in prizes goes to the top players on the Low Blinds leaderboard. Races are staged every Monday through Saturday.

Top prizes in the races are:
• Low Blinds = first prize is $255, top 40 get paid.
• High Blinds = first prize is $765, top 40 get paid.

In order to participate in the Rakemania promotion, players must “opt-in” on the Titan Poker website. One opt-in guarantees a player’s participation in all the Rakemania races taking place over the course of that month.

Rakemania Races Just Got Faster
When sitting down at Speed Hold’em tables, players join a large player pool and face a new set of opponents with each hand. Players can fold at any time, even when it’s not their turn to act, and are instantly moved to a new table to be dealt new cards. The faster play at Speed Hold’em tables enables players to earn more rake and quickly move up the Rakemania leaderboards.


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Titan Poker – Bad Beat Bonus

If you’re playing a real-money Texas Hold’em ring game at Titan Poker and you lose at showdown with a hand of KKKK or more, then you’ll be able to claim a Bad Beat bonus payout. The Bad Beat Bonus will be awarded under the following conditions:

Bad Beat Bonus Rules
4 Kings or Better must be beaten in order to qualify.
Both pocket cards must be used in both the winning and losing hand.
To receive this bonus, you must send an email to support@titanpoker.com.

Prize Payout
$250 goes to qualifying losing hand

Note: This bonus is only available in Texas Holdem ring tables (non-tournament play).


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